About Us

Caleb's story:
    Caleb was born in Ontario while his parents were in training with New Tribes Mission. By the time he was 2 years old they were living in Venezuela. He spent the next 15 years of his life living in the Pu me tribe close to the Columbia border. His parents and their partners were teaching and translating the bible as well as planting a church among the Pu me people. When Caleb was in high school, his family was visiting family in Chicago when they got the news that guerrillas had invaded their tribe and ransacked their homes looking for them by name. They were angry with the US government for the things happening with the drug trade and looking to kidnap or kill some North Americans in retaliation. Praise the Lord none of them were in the area at the time, but needless to say returning was no longer and option. After spending some more time in Chicago, his family moved to the Missions Institute in Ontario.

Kristina's Story:
Kristina was born in Ontario with a similar beginning to Caleb. Instead of moving overseas however her parents ended up in Sanford, FL working at Headquarters for New Tribes Mission. After almost 10 years there her family relocated back to Ontario where she finished school.

Our Story:
In 2002 Caleb was new in the area and we became friends right away. We got to know each other and started dating. A year later we attended NTBI in Jackson, MI together and were married partway through in July of 2004.
After we finished Bible School we moved to Chicago where we lived and worked for 3 years. After two loses and two years of infertility we finally welcomed a daughter into our family. Aurora was born a few months after we moved back to Ontario.
Parenthood has been a great new adventure, Aurora keeps us on her toes, and we are now expecting our second!!
We are enjoying being involved at Mulock Christian Fellowship. It's such a great group of people and we've been so blessed by them.
We are looking forward to whatever God has for us next.