Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Weekend

 Here are a few pictures from our Easter Weekend.
Aurora has been enjoying the warmer weather because she can play out in the backyard with her bunnies now.
 and feed them lettus
 On Good Friday i had a midwife appointment (ya, for some reason they were still open) since nothing else was open though we decided to stop at the falls on the way back so we didn't drive all the way there for only my appointment.
Aurora was pretty nervous about the falls but also fascinated. She thinks the white parts are ice, any time she sees rapids now she thinks they are ice.
"I see ice!! I yike it, i yike it!"
 she was a little too scared at this point to smile. Goofy girl

My ultrasound was a couple of days ago as well. It went well. Aurora got to see the baby, although i don't really think she got it. She knew it was "baby brother" but i don't think she really understood.

We got to see him opening and closing his little mouth, it was pretty cute. Still hasn't really sunk in yet that we are soon going to have 2 kids!! yikes!!! :)

I'll upload the pictures from that ultrasound soon. We got some good profiles this time, last time he didn't want us to get to see his little profile.

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