Monday, September 19, 2011

He's Here!

Gideon Elijah finally decided to make his appearance on Tuesday night, September 13th. (yes the moon was still full so the birthing center in the hospital was pretty busy, there are 6 rooms and 5 of them were full! I have 3 friends who also gave birth that day in other places. LOL busy night for babies.) at 11:21pm. He weighed 8lb and 2oz and was 21 and 1/4th inches long. 
It was pretty quick, we had to rush to get to the hospital because i was pretty far progressed before labor even started (i had about 2 weeks of early labor including 2 false alarms, one lasting 8 hours the other 5!) We all made it to the hospital luckily but had to bring Aurora (Caleb's parents met us there and took her home with them) because the midwives were worried i wouldn't make it if we dropped her off. I have to say, it was pretty ridiculous rushing to the hospital with her and all her stuff in the car, music blaring so she wouldn't hear that i was in pain. I had to laugh, even then. 
Within 2 hours of getting there he was born but those were a rough 2 hours so i am glad we didn't wait a minute later to go. 
The midwives were great! I would not go back to the having an OB for sure! it was so nice to have midwives that i knew and that were there the whole time instead of rushing in when it's time to push, and being able to have the lights off and everything quiet, it's a completely different experience than the one i had with Aurora. Although equally painful for sure it was way nicer. 
I also had my fabulous sister as my doula. She and my mom have both trained as doulas and were both there for Gideon's birth and were such a help. I definitely needed Caleb as well, i actually relied on his way more this time than with Aurora i think although he was very helpful with her too, but having someone there who knows the pressure points that help and reminds you to breath and all that stuff was really helpful. i think i would have given up without them. lol. 
My newest sister-in-law was also there, she's into photography and has come with me on a couple sessions now too, she's awesome. So she came and did birth photography for me. Since i hate having my picture taken on a good day this was a fairly last minute decision for me  but i am really glad i had her because she got some great pictures. (see below, but keep in mind these ones are not edited and it was REALLY dark in the room. Check out her facebook page to see them fixed up a bit )
We are really loving having 2 beautiful children, even the really really sleepy moments are good. Gideon is a great baby and has done very well he past 2 nights, couldn't ask for better. Aurora absolutely adores him we just have to watch that she doesn't mother him to death. :)
Ok, enough blather, here are some pictures

 seconds old

 and the last one is from our first night home, Aurora and Gideon both fell asleep laying on our bed watching a movie with me.

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